deni.yoga and ShamaNasana Publishing started after I had an awakening in Santa Cruz, California in 1995. It was an intense heart opening, while attending a Shaman workshop for the weekend in Scott’s Valley, taught by Elsbeth Shields.
I was able to access the Ominprenece of GOD. With a dozen others, we expereinced what it would be like to see throught the eyes of Love. 
I did Meditation, TaiChi and Yoga – and had an out of body experences. My life changed over the next few years – as I found a new community of healers and shamans.
Over the next 30+ years – I had a hunger for learning and creating a space for my life’s work. 
Since 2000 I have  been a Massage Therapists, Reki Master and Huna Practioneer. Kundalini & Meditation Instructor & Kids Yoga Teacher. 
It’s all about Healing.
Sat Nam

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