The Inner Workings of Attunements

 Reiju is the Japanese word for the initiation or attunement we perform within the Reiki system. Mikao Usui based the ritual of Reiju on Japanese esoteric existing practices, which he was practicing on himself .

With distance Reiki Attunement being on the rise – many students ask – How do I know I got the attunement – I didn’t feel anything. While others give stories of Visual colors – journeys and some just fall a sleep. Many masters say to focus on a deity and that we attain identification with the cosmos. While other masters tell us to do the Violet Breath and seek to be still.

It may just take you a lifetime to feel an attunement – I will probably say that – what ever Reiki method you practice, you can attune yourself to his life force and energy of the cosmos.

The spiritual energy and life force are the primary basis of the Reiki attunement. During this, new energy chakras are opened, expanded, and energy flow is increased. This causes certain changes in your thought process and opens up your mind to a new dimension of the universe.

I started with a mental purification – of sorts, I did start a few days before my attunements – eating tons of veggies, lighting candles and incense. I’m sure it looked like a scene from Grace & Frankie – where Lily Tomlins character dances around with sage & bells to get rid of spirits. No joke ! But I feel amazing calm. You can sit in a chair – my favorite way to get an attunement – but there isn’t any wrong way for a distance attunement.

When I received a Seikem (Egyptian shaman Reiki) Attunement in Sana Cruz, CA 1995, no one had even heard of such a thing. I had a heart opening exercise before the attunement. That experience was like no other. Your heart Chakra is opened to the omnipresence of God Love. That means you’re pretty high. But most importantly, you have no ego to speak of, and the veil is lifted of many life times. It is said you can get the same with one night inside a pyramid.

Another Reiki 11 & 11 attunement in Austin, TX around 2000 I sat in a chair with 6 others to receive our attunements. We got a handout of the Reiki 11 symbols and a brief description on how to use them. I really could only feel the breath as our Reiki Master walked around us and gave us the breath into our crown chakra.

My next Reiki Master attunement was a weekend yoga – Reiki retreat.(outside Houston TX -2013) Balancing the Chakras, stretching the spine and Learning the master symbols. I thought I was going to die and was having a plethora of feeling of buyers remorse. What a relief to move past my feelings and feel exhilarated at the close of the weekend. As for the Attunement – I was able to have visions of radiant colors of Purple and Pink with white crystals flowing towards me.

My path has lead me to the 9th degree Right Hand Reiki Grandmaster Attunement, from Sensei Joe – a 10th degree Grandmaster, a distance Attunement. (Dec 4, 2020) The 9th degree covers Reiki 1,11 & 11 – plus 4th to 9th degree. More symbols which can help with deeper healing and the use of an ancient prayer chant. Finally my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training experience has paid off ! And the fact I love Chanting. I finished the course online and requested an attunement. With joy I received my Attunement. I was going to sit in a chair for the traditional attunement. Of course – my sweet Sasha ( 2 yr old Pitbull-Mastiff female) joined me. 432Hz – Angelic Reiki Music was playing – White Candles lit, Crystals in a grid design and Nam Champa incense flowing in my massage -Reiki room. I got comfortable laying down and closed my eyes after long deep breaths. My technique is usually whispers from angels and ancestors, which seems to work for me. On this occasion Sasha gave me a nudge and I started receiving Reiki Symbols flowing into my body. This was just what I wanted – since I very visual – was to SEE the symbols. ! Each Chakra color was vibrant and my hands became warmer with each breath.

Finishing up all reiki attunement to be followed by a strict 21-day self-healing process. I’m back on my Vegan diet, drinking nearly a gallon of water daily and giving myself time to process this attunement as we are coming up on December 20th, The Day the Sun will shine brightly on all of us for an Attunement from the Heavens.

May your attunements be Light and what you desire.




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